1. Simon Summers

    Hi there Andy and Gill,

    Enjoyed reading your short trip report above covering your break in Penanggungan. We’re travelling to Indonesia in March/April and contemplating spending a couple of days arounf Gunung Penanggungan. Would you recommend it?

    Would appreciate it if you might be able to send me contact details for PPLH or any drivers/transport in the region. We hope to rent a car in Malang and drive over there.

    Many thanks, Simon

  2. Hi Simon, PPLH is a nice place and Gunung Penanggungan is quite an easy climb and you get some good views. I would recommend it, but perhaps only if you are heading to Surabaya from Malang. PPLH have a website (http://pplhselo.or.id/) but can be a bit slow on email. They can arrange drivers and picked us up and dropped us off from Surabaya for a fair price.
    I assume you are spending a few days around Bromo and the Sea of Sand – entering from the Malang side is a good idea and there are 4-wheel drive “tours” leaving Malang. You also get great views of Semeru this way. If you stay in Cemoro Lawang on the caldera rim, best to stay a few kilometers downhill since there was a lot of the fresh ash being whipped up by the wind and dumped on places right at the edge. I bet PPLH would pick you up from Cemoro Lawang. Good luck! Andy

  3. Véronique

    Thank you for this very detailed article! It helped me a lot in preparing my trip! PPLH is a very good place to stay. Bungalows were so nice and staff very friendly. I would just maybe say that personnaly, it tooked me 2h30 to get to the top of the mount and I found the ascent very easy, even in the dark. So good hickers/runners should stay one more hour in their bed, or get frozen just as it happened to me and the guide for more then 11/2 hour!!! 🙂 Cheers!

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