Rockies: Paradise Valley and Parker Ridge dayhikes

We took advantage of the early snowmelt this year to head into Paradise Valley and up and over Sentinel Pass before Canada Day. Hiking here so early also means that you don’t have to worry about grizzly bears – later in the year there are hiking restrictions and your need to hike in a minimum group size. We also did an easy dayhike the following day – climbing Parker Ridge near to the Columbia Icefield – fantastic views of the Saskatchewan Glacier.

Cuba – The Far East Orient Tour

A few days before we were due to leave for our second bike touring trip to Cuba, simultaneous new conferences from Raul Castro and Barack Obama announced a warming of relations between Cuba and the US. About time! We left with the feeling that the last chance to see the “old Cuba” is now.

Grizzly Bears, Dolphins, and the Salmon Run

Our friend Ruth visited from Price Edward Island and inspired us to go on two amazing wildlife viewing trips. The first was grizzly bear watching in Bute Inlet, on the British Columba coast; the second was the Adams River salmon run, a tributary of the Fraser River near Kamloops in the BC interior.