Grizzly Bears, Dolphins, and the Salmon Run

Our friend Ruth visited from Price Edward Island and inspired us to go on two amazing wildlife viewing trips. The first was grizzly bear watching in Bute Inlet, on the British Columba coast; the second was the Adams River salmon run, a tributary of the Fraser River near Kamloops in the BC interior.

The Rockwall (aka The Rainwall)

The Rockwall is dubbed as one of the finest multi-day backpack trips in North America – a 55 km one way trek along the base of the famous limestone cliffs. The route includes several alpine passes, which combine with steep plunges into lush forested valleys where great backcountry campsites are located.

Rainbow Lake

An August weekend with a great weather forecast – we wondered where to go backpacking that would potentially not be too busy. We picked Rainbow Lake and did not regret it – we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

Coliseum Mountain

A great option for the backpacker who wants to enjoy a convenient trip in the Coast Mountains near Vancouver, but doesn’t want to suffer the hordes of idiots that descend on beautiful places like Garibaldi Lake with cases of beer and stereos on long weekends.