A quick trip to Egypt Lake

This was our end of season Fall hike. Egypt Lake is worth a weekend trip (although we never went to the mediocre lake itself). There are other more spectacular hikes, but this is so accessible you can start late in the day and still have a good weekend in the mountains. Whistling Pass above Egypt Lake is well worth a visit once you have pitched your tent.

Peyto Glacier – Cauldron Lake

The Peyto Glacier and Cauldron Lake hike is fantastic. It’s another unmaintained and unoffical hike, but it is straightforward to the glacier. You really feel that you have gotten off the beaten path and entered aother world – one caused by the glacial morraines and washout river flats of the massive Peyto Glacier.

Bow Peak

The hike is not an official trail, but is popular with those in the know. The trail requires an easy ford of the outlet of Bow Lake and a scramble up the boulder field to Bow Peak from the Crowfoot Pass. Some fresh snow made the scramble up the boulder field slopes more challenging and slow going than expected, but the 360 degree views from the summit are spectacular – especially looking at the Waputik Icefield, Mount Daly, and Bow Lake.

Brazeau Lake  – Jonas Pass Loop

The Brazeau Loop is a five day 80 km trek into the high alpine passes and forested river valleys of Jasper National Park. It is a fantastic hike – there are a few days of the loop spent in the forest, and we did those days first, hiking the loop anti-clockwise. We’d recommend this because, following the superb hike into the loop over Nigel Pass, the scenery builds and you get a real WOW as you emerge over Jonas Shoulder on day 4 and look south down Jonas Pass. Amazing!