Elfin Lakes

Obligatory selfie

We decided to take advantage of a sunny weekend in October for a last trip to the coast mountains before the real snow arrives. We headed up to Elfin Lakes on the Saturday morning after the obligatory stop at Galileo Coffee for refreshments.

The weather was surprisingly warm and we were too hot on the way up, and there were still mosquitoes around! We got up to the campsite in 2.5 hours, and cleared a by of snow off a tent pad with a great view. We were lazy for the rest of the afternoon, sitting in the sun drinking tea.

Sadly this was the trip where we forgot our first aid kit, and the boots Gill hasn’t worn for several years gave her blisters. Luckily the Scouts were on hand and prepared with supplies!

It was so warm we ate out by our tent and not in the cooking shelter. The night was clear and there was amazing views of the stars.

The next morning we packed up and put our packs in the shelter before taking a side trip up to the col below the Gargoyles. There was more snow towards the top but it was still easy hiking. There were fantastic views at the top of Diamond Head and across the Squamish valley to the Tantalus Range!

After that we hiked out and were installed in Howe Sound Brewing for a late lunch and pint of Best Bitter.

Check out our photos.

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