Southern Laos

?With Andy away on a work trip to Bhutan, I decided to take a trip to southern Laos. I flew to Pakse and stayed in the Pakse Hotel, a good, simple hotel in the middle of town with the added bonus of a great rooftop bar and a generous sunset happy hour. Pakse is a … [Read more…]

Santiago for Christmas

Valparaiso: street art

A great Christmas in Santiago! We enjoyed hanging out with our friends and seeing the sights of the city, such as Plaza Armes, Virgen Cerro San Cristóbal, and Bellavista.

We also visited Zapallo Beach and had a great day in Valparaiso riding the old ascensors and hanging out in the cafes.

The Cascades – Mount Baker

Now that we have our Canadian passports, popping over the border to the USofA is a lot more appealing and quicker than before. Mount Baker Recreation Area is only a couple of hours from Vancouver and so is a tempting option, given that we often see glacier-covered Mount Baker from downtown on a clear day.