Mount Bourgeau

Summit of Bourgeau

Summit of Bourgeau

Early spring meant an early start to hiking the hiking season. It was Gill’s birthday on the Friday evening, so we made a late start on Saturday, drove up to Banff and camped at Johnson Canyon (nice campsite!)

Following a quiet night with a few drinks and a campfire, we decided Sunday’s hike would be Mount Bourgeau. We’d hiked to Bourgeau Lake the previous year, and thought we’d head up to Harvey pass and then go to the summit. We didn’t check our hiking book, and somewhat underestimated the hike – 24 km with 1500 m elevation gain. We didn’t take enough food or water!

It was a great early season hike. Great visibility and the occasional snow patch to traverse. Above Bourgeau Lake is another lovely Alpine lake. From here you have the long hike up the shoulder of Mount Bourgeau (2931 m). Fantastic views across Sunshine meadows, Healy Pass, The Ramparts, and in the distance the imperious Assiniboine Peak.

We were pretty tired by the return to the car. Not a bad first hike of the season!

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