Grizzly Bears, Dolphins, and the Salmon Run

Our friend Ruth visited from Price Edward Island and inspired us to go on two amazing wildlife viewing trips. The first was grizzly bear watching in Bute Inlet, on the British Columba coast; the second was the Adams River salmon run, a tributary of the Fraser River near Kamloops in the BC interior.

Torres del Paine: Grand Circuit in Five Nights

Torres del Paine National Park in southern Patagonia is a fabulous destination for trekking. The main attractions are the Valley Torres del Paine, Valley Frances, and Glacier Grey.
We had five nights in the park and really wanted to backpack the Grande Circuit (a full loop around the massif including ascending the two valleys). The shorter “W” just wouldn’t cut it, so it was the “O” in five nights!

Taylor Basin in the Southern Chilcotin

We made an unplanned trip to Southern Chilcotin following a washout on the road to the trailhead for the Stein Divide. It was a fabulous choice and the ridge hikes around the Taylor Basin are spectacular and a welcome change from the Coast Mountains. A superb area for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, if you can find it!