Thailand for Christmas

We were so busy packing up our things in Calgary and moving them to Vancouver, and moving ourselves to Laos that we took a break from tradition and opted for a week on the beach in Thailand over the Christmas holidays this year, with the added bonus of catching up with Ken, Yuki and Sakura.

We had stopovers in Bangkok on the way there and back, and visited our favourite vegetarian restaurant: good to know it is still there after more than 10 years! Bangkok is still as fun as ever and we really enjoyed being there again.

We spent most of the vacation at a very nice resort in Koh Chang, in the quieter part of the island. It was wonderful to have Ken, Yuki and Sakura join us for a few days, and to catch up 5 years after we left Bogor.

We quickly got into a routine of getting up very early for a run, then enjoying a large and leisurely breakfast before relaxing with the papers, making the short walk to our favourite fruit stand, and generally lazing about. Sundowners on the beach were hard to beat, and we ate some great food in Kati Culinary and NP Pizza.

We weren’t sure we could do a week on the beach, but it turned out that we could quite easily manage it 🙂

Check out our photos here (credited to Sakura Shono).

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